Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Corporate Social Responsibility/Community Relations is strategically based on improving quality of life, and triggering development and social change within and beyond our areas of operation.

Our host communities are treated as stakeholders and an extension of our business which in turn gives them a sense of belonging in our business and operations. we partner with organization like the Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF) to deliver on our promises on such areas as youth empowerment, Supporting and endorsing a renewable and sustainable environment.
Corporate Governance
Gorine Energy is committed to the implementation of good corporate governance and holistic approach to sustainability. Promoting social development of communities even beyond our areas of operations is an integral part of how we produce and deliver energy. This inclusive model positively impacts all stakeholder groups in the long term through shared value creation.

Gorine Energy believes that full disclosure and transparency in its operations are in the interests of good governance. The company also adopts standard accounting practices and ensures sound internal controls to facilitate the reliability of financial statements. The company has adopted a Code of Business Conduct & Ethics, which defines the company’s mission within a corporate governance framework. The code is applicable to all employees, board of directors, contractors and customers.